Ponds once a lifeline of India’s agriculture are being revived by some Punjab farmers


Posted by admin | Posted in Agri Knowledge | Posted on 07-07-2016

The farm ponds, rediscovered by a few farmers in Patiala region of Punjab, could be the answer to the state’s growing groundwater crisis as they can harvest rainwater and cushion against flooding.  The northern region of India is facing drought for the second consecutive year. The rainfall deficit is hovering around 35 percent in Punjab and Haryana and data shows that the two states have consistently registered below normal rainfall since 1998, which has put a severe strain on their groundwater resource. Last year, the rainfall deficit was over 50 percent and Punjab had asked for assistance from the Centre to the tune of Rs 2,350 crore due to a 15 percent rise in irrigation costs; deepening of dried up borewells also added to this. While the state bought extra power, farmers bought extra diesel to extract groundwater. Thus, the input cost of cultivation went up leading to farm distress and suicides.Punjab was gifted with rich soil and decent rainfall in addition to large riverine regions which nurtured the crops. Dug wells filled the gap during the dry season. The introduction of new technology to extract groundwater helped expand the irrigated area.  Read Manu Moudgil’s report in detail here>>>>>

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