We are the Agricultural Consultants Without Borders {ACWB}, an international non governmental voluntary action and development group dedicated toward dissemination, sharing of knowledge in the diverse field of Agriculture. We endeavor to create synergy with the other co-operating professions with knowledge dissemination encompassing livestock, aquaculture, food technology, ecosystem, public health, sustainable development and food security. As we say “the advent of Civilization depended on Agriculture and so is its future”………

The AgriSci Foundation Initiative was founded in February 2010 as personal effort by Anant Dhillon- the Sikh Youth Ambassador for Peace and Sustainable Development, to provide a platform for advancement of sustainable agriculture along with a road map of how to get from here now to the future in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. AgriSci initiative thrives to work at the global level simply because no country or group of scientists can fully implement solutions in isolation. The underlying objective expands from the need for development and dissemination of sustainable technologies to bring in green revolution in an evergreen way. In a way to replicate the positive experiences from the Indian state of Punjab, considered as harbinger of green revolution in India and considered as the granary of India. We thrive to create a learning road map for people, scientists and global farmers to take a cue from experiences about the model with stress about the long term aftermath of unsustainable resource inputs intensive agriculture that has brought about greying of green revolution and a spurt in farmer suicides as well as resource depletion.
ACWB’s goals are :-
(1) to provide assistance in developing global plan of action for moving the world onto an environmentally and economically sustainable path,
(2) to provide and develop front line demonstration technologies evolving plans to practical action
(3) to provide easily accessible scientific and open-source repository of knowledge about tested technologies & farm practices.
(4) to keep the media, policymakers, academics, and other decision-makers focused for Global Food Security and global agricultural development.

The initiative is led by Founder and Executive Director, freelance volunteer consultant Anant Dhillon based in Canada with a global team of consultants based in different regions of the globe. The board constitutes of Dr. Mandeep Pujara based in India he is on board as Consultant Director for Extension, Outreach  & Technology Development, Dr. P John Anurag – Consultant Director for Farm Management & Agricultural Development, Dr. Jyoti Mehta Consultant Applied sciences,  progressive farmer Mr Brijpal Singh Randhawa, Dr Baljit Dhillon Consultant for Public Health and Health policy and Global Outreach Director  Mr. Ntiokam Divine from Cameroon.

Stop thinking and act as now is the time……