Crops are key in fight against climate change


Posted by admin | Posted in Agri Sci, Climate Change, Food Security | Posted on 31-12-2010

Crops are key in fight against climate change

Crops that survive the devastating effects of climate change are needed to save the world’s poorest people from hunger and poverty, the International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said on December 4 as he announced a new agricultural research program.

The UK is giving extra support to the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) to develop farming practices which will help ensure more food is available for struggling communities. Working with the CGIAR to help developing country farmers deal with the effects of climate change and improve environmental management is one of the most cost effective ways to tackle poverty and hunger. For every £1 invested in the CGIAR, at least an additional £9 worth of additional food is produced in developing countries. One example of CGIAR’s cutting-edge developments is a special flood-resistant rice (known as scuba rice) that can breathe under water for up to two weeks.

Inger Andersen, Chair of the CGIAR Fund and Vice President of Sustainable Development at the World Bank, said: “This innovative programme will deliver significant impacts by helping adapt agriculture to future climate change and to the climate variability that farmers face now.” Read the rest of this entry »