Organic farming matters – just not in the way you think


Posted by admin | Posted in Agri Knowledge, Farming, Food Security | Posted on 15-03-2017

Looks good, tastes good, but can it feed the world?

Verena Seufert, University of British Columbia and Navin Ramankutty, University of British Columbia

Is organic agriculture the solution to our global food system challenges? That’s been the premise and promise of the organic movement since its origins in the 1920s: farming that’s healthy, ecological, and socially just.

Many people – from consumers and farmers to scientists and international organisations – believe that organic agriculture can produce enough nutritious food to feed the world without destroying the environment, while being more resilient to climate change and improving the livelihoods of farmers.

But as with many important issues of our time, there are more passionate opinions about organic agriculture than there is scientific evidence to support them. And there’s nothing black or white about organic agriculture. Read the rest of this entry »